KNA Agenda – August 13th 2014


King Neighborhood Association Meeting

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

4815 NE 7th Avenue (in the NECN offices)

Parking is available in the King School parking lot


  1. Introductions 5
  2. Approval of minutes 5
  3. Information meeting with developer Peter Kusyk re future development of 4023 NE 7th (next to Two Plum Park)* 40
  4. Rich Newland from PBOT re bikeway project 20
  5. Short term rental fees Q & A 15
  6. Request to renew support for the Summer in September Jambalaya Festival 5
  7. Thank you letter to Shoshana Cohen, outgoing NECN Exec. Dir. 5
  8. KNA Outreach 10
  9. Committee updates 10
  10. Announcements 5


*Local developer Peter Kusyk (Firenze Development) is considering developing the lot just South of Two Plum Park, at 4023 NE 7th. He is considering dividing the 5,000 square foot lot into two 2,500 sf lots and replacing the existing home with one, attached dwelling unit on each of the new lots.

Mr. Kusyk asked King Neighborhood Association for an information meeting regarding his preliminary development plans. Please join us for this discussion, at our regularly scheduled meeting.