KNA Emergency Meeting Draft Agenda – 6:00 pm. Tuesday , 9/1/2015

King Neighborhood Association Special Meeting

Tuesday, September 1, 2015, 6:00 – 7:15 pm

4815 NE 7th Avenue, Portland, OR

This is primarily for the board, but all are welcome.  We’d love your input about where to focus our efforts!

Proposed Agenda:
6:00 pm        Introductions and Get to Know Each Other 
6:10 pm         Explanation of Purpose of Meeting
6:15 pm         NECN Presentation on Meetings, Bylaws and Boards
 6:30 pm       Code of Conduct Draft
 6:40 pm       Review Current Bylaws, think about changes
 6:55 pm        Brainstorm regarding election for chair and NECN reps
 7:10 pm        Draft Meeting Schedule for review
 7:15 pm         Meeting adjourn
 Next Meeting: TBD

See you there!




One thought on “KNA Emergency Meeting Draft Agenda – 6:00 pm. Tuesday , 9/1/2015

  1. Lota

    Hi there,
    I’m planning to attend the meeting and am hoping we can address the many shootings in our neighborhood. There have been 2 within blocks of my house in the last month, including one where a stray bullet whizzed by me and my 2 year old daughters heads while I was getting her out of our car. Looking forward to talking about how we can stop this violence and protect our children, our neighbors and ourselves.

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