Letter in support of preserving the building at 3962 NE MLK.

July 16, 2014

To: Andre Raiford, Owner of 3962 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard

Mr. Raiford,

The members of the King Neighborhood Association endorse the community undertaking to preserve the building located at 3962 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.  The history of the building itself, as well as its status as a symbol of African-American experience in the Albina area, make it well worth preserving. Preliminary plans to include 3962 NE MLK in an African-American historic resource survey reflect the importance of this site to the community’s memory, as well as its present-day experience.

From its status as the second-oldest commercial building on MLK Boulevard, to its long history of use, commercial and residential, by African-Americans, the building at 3962 NE MLK embodies a history that should be kept in living memory. Preservation of the building will permit just that to happen, and we support the community in making it happen.

We join with Oregon Black Pioneers and historic preservationist Dr. Tanya Lyn March in endorsing Teressa Raiford’s efforts to preserve the building at 3962 NE MLK and finding creative ways to keep it as a marker of part of the history of the Albina area, and a vital site for community use into the future.



Margo Dobbertin, KNA Chair

Irek Wielgosz, Co-Chair

Jeff Scott, Treasurer

Leigh Rappaport, Representative-at-Large

Andrew Neerman, Representative-at-Large

Diego Gioseffi, Representative-at-Large

Eilleen Kennedy, Representative-at-Large

Nick LaRue, Representative-at-Large

King Neighborhood Association

2 thoughts on “Letter in support of preserving the building at 3962 NE MLK.

  1. Peter Vickery

    Dear KNA,
    Would it be possible to get you guys to post on the King Neighborhood NextDoor site anytime you are preparing a statement that purports to be from the whole neighborhood association (ie.. board AND members):
    Diego posted a King’s Park survey and seems to be getting a lot of good participation that way. I don’t necessarily disagree about this specific topic but would love to see a larger group of voices represented than just those that can make it to KNA meetings.

    1. King Neighborhood Association

      It is a great idea. Would be easier if we can find a way to repost automatically from the blog to nextdoor. Can you help us find out how to do it please? If possible, it will probably need a plugin in our wordpress blog and some work on the admin in nextdoor settings. Are you the King Nextdoor admin?

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