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King Performing Arts Fundraiser–Card Sale

See the attached document ( mahogany-flier) for details about the pre-launch event at MAHOGANY BEAUTY – Beauty services and cosmetics for women of color in the Lloyd Center this weekend. Bring the invitation in and receive one free card from my notecard collection.
Choose from six styles of blank holiday cards designed by me especially for the King School Performing Arts Project.
I created the King School Performing Arts Project as a vehicle to provide access to professional artists and arts opportunities for the students and parents at Martin Luther King school.
This holiday card fundraiser is the first of several events that will take place throughout the year to raise the funds needed to support the project.
I hope you will join us on our journey and help us make sure that district budget cuts will not deny our Martin Luther King school students from having access to the arts.
Bobby Fouther – Artist
I would like to thank a few of the people who inspired, supported and encouraged me to continue with this project.
LaDrena Rhodes – Principal
Carissa Thomas – SUN School Coordinator
Ron Martin – retired teacher
Paul King & Walter Jaffe – White Bird Dance
Kassandra Greuner – Oregon Ballet Theatre
Robert Guitron – Polaris Dance
Jerry Walker – Housing Authority of Portland
and my artistic crew of many who are waiting in the wings for their cue.