February KNA Agenda

King Neighborhood Association General Meeting
King Neighborhood Facility, 4815 NE 7th Avenue
February 8, 2012 – 6:30 to 8:45 pm

KNA General Meeting Agenda

6:30 Welcome and introductions; approval of minutes and agenda; announcements.

6:40 Recent crime on Alberta Street: a discussion with the Portland Police, neighbors, business owners, and Celeste Carey of City of Portland’s Crime Prevention.

7:15 Katy Kanfer: From Soil to Soul: food security and the King Neighborhood.

7:20 Alan Silver: The Portland Playhouse, and its application for a conditional use permit to use the building at 6th & Prescott: an update.

7:30 Scott Cohen: Neighborhood Greenways.

7:40 Brian Weaver: the 2012 King Neighborhood Clean-up.

7:50 Irek Wielgosz: King Neighborhood Land Use/Economic Development study and action. N. Williams development. Developing a land use study team.

8:00 Safety and livability update, and quick thoughts on how we can address youth violence in our neighborhood in upcoming discussions.

8:05 Katy Kanfer: Movie in the Park 2012: is KNA ready to commit to putting this event on, and fundraising for it? Are there ideas for other summer events we’d like to see?

8:10 Katy Asher updates us on the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhood’s work in the larger inner N/NE neighborhoods.

8:20 Jeff Scott: Jackson’s convenience store, alcohol sales, and a good neighbor agreement.

8:25 Tree Inventory Project: an update? A possibility for King this year?

8:30 Alan Silver: a proposal for KNA’s 2012 board elections.

8:32 Neighborhood garage sale: will we organize this again?

8:36 Communications: a KNA brochure! Other ideas for outreach?

8:45 Closing thoughts.

The King Neighborhood Association meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 in the King Neighborhood Facility at 4815 NE 7th Avenue, unless another location has been designated ahead of time. Our next meeting will be held on March 14, 2012. You can subscribe to our electronic newsletter and check out our community calendar at www.kingneighborhood.org. You can send us an email at info@kingneighborhood.org. Find us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/kingneighborhood.

6 thoughts on “February KNA Agenda

  1. teri phillips

    Members, visitors listened attentively to the serious concerns by business owners and employees over the recent shooting on Alberta along with their frustrations over no arrests in spite of certainty of suspect who is still making threats. There seems to be a disconnect between police and crime preventionist who tried to grandstand, rescue the poorly informed neighborhood police officer. People are scared, neighborhood watch is not the answer while ongoing harrasment and threats of still to come of gun violence hangs in the air. Business owners feel their only recourse is to arm themselves and take matters into their own hands if need be. This is serious s__t folks, we need an arrest in this matter, we need the police to make this uno numero priority in the too often times passed over in policing practices in Northeast. A heated and passionate discussion continued after the meeting. Neighbors are scared, some were reluctant to be on camera, business owners are arming themselves and or afraid to speak up….something must be done before someone dies is was what I was hearing say nothing of instilling confidence in our Portland Police Bureau that has been on the downside for years. Even the Portland Plan has reconized the need for stronger crime prevention roles/leadership as well as securing better relations between African Americans and the police.

  2. alan silver

    Unfortunately, I can’t disagree, Teri. The city employees who spoke last night conveyed an attitude that ‘this is your neighborhood, the crimes in it are your problem. Figure out how to deal with them yourselves.’

    They tacitly sanctioned residents arming themselves with guns as a response. They let themselves and each other off the hook for coming less-than-fully prepared to discuss this case with us. They did not present as our allies.


  3. Diego

    I am not defending the cops’ attitude, but there are legal proofs and procedures. Your idea of “certainty” is certainly “not certain” in a legal context. The police arrested the suspect, but one of the business owners failed to step up and fill the paperwork that perhaps could have resulted in incarceration. I don’t blame him. I am not sure what I would have done, but being scared with guns behind the bars won’t solve anything. We need strength, perseverance and prudence.
    Bigger problem: Most likely, this crazy dangerous guy is part of the 9N.E. Avenue drug business, which they are always selling drugs in the open air. My question is: What we can do, short and long term, to dissolve this gang?
    The police is always asked to deal with the symptom of a problem that is, at its heart, economic.

  4. letstalkalready

    If I hear one more time “your tax dollars at work” intro by crime preventionist or the empty promises of enforcing “nuisance ordinances” ….I’m going to spit fire. Not to say that a neighborhood watch would not be beneficial in some situations however, not in this one. Not only do the African American residents not have confidence in our area police, you now have the same sentiments from the new to the neighborhood whites… can we all be wrong? Check out the “Broken Windows” theory, a solution/study on chronic crime.

  5. Alan Silver

    Thanks for your comments, folks. Diego, in the short term, we’re not equipped as residents to break up gangs. With gunfire at 9th & Alberta multiple times in the past, these new incidents on the blocks nearby, and suspected ‘gang activity’ in a building that people can only speculate about, it’s just not safe for us to ‘take back our street,’ except on a massive and surely unsustainable scale. We need the city’s help in a big way.

    That said, I would never endorse the police using its paramilitary tactics or equipment in our neighborhood. That sort of response violates our sense of security as well. I agree that the neighborhood needs to be involved, but we need a vigorous backing from city officials. I’m not sure why it isn’t forthcoming, but with the right sort of pressure, it might be.


  6. teri

    For sure Diego the Grilled Cheese Grill incident needed followed thru I can understand not wanting to pursue the charges if only a misdemeanor conviction. What i was hearing from the seperate incidents was a break down in communications from the onset, something I hear alot of when police are brought into the fray. I’m not convinced drug dealing is due to economic woes, folks do drugs because they like the high, the need to feed the habit creates the onslaught, how can we ever economically support drug habits? I’d love to support the police but time and time again there are negative outcome and poor relations.

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