King Neighborhood Association – January 2015 minutes

January 14, 2015  Agenda (6:30 – 8 pm)

Introductions (all) 6:38 P.M

January 14, 2015 Agenda  (6:30 to 8 pm)

Introductions begun by Margo and Call for additional agenda items

Pastor Roy has a request to add a safety related item to the agenda

Call to Approve the Agenda

  • Motion by Irik,
  • Leigh Second :
    • 7 – Yes, 0 – No, 0 – Abstain


  • Neighbors in Attendance
    • Jeremy Shipley — To Present a Safety Issue
    • Pastor Roy E. Clay
    • Alan Silver (Volunteer, Past Board Member, King Backpack Program)
    • Van Bogner
    • Robin Franklin arrival 7:30
    • Francine Freeman Arrival 7:30


  • Board Members in Attendance (Quorum as of 6:38)
    • Diego Gioseffi
    • Margo Dobbertin
    • Irik Wielgosz
    • Nick LaRue
    • Leigh Rappaport
    • Jeff Scott
    • Eileen Kennedy (6:41)
    • Andew Neerman (7:28)

Safety Report with Officer Zoeller (Eileen) 6:47


  • Officer Zoeller could not attend he will attend the April Meeting
  • Pastor Roy E. Clark Has a Safety Issue to Add (27 year resident)
    • Corner of NE Mason and NE Garfield is extremely dangerous
    • Cars speed through and do not stop; He has made phone calls and complained to everyone possible at the city and has not received much action
    • There is a church and day care and he is very concerned someone will be killed or injured
    • He’s seen crashes and near misses
    • Stops signs are on Mason Garfield is the through street
    • Several suggestions for actions are made:
      • Host a block party in the summer to raise awareness
      • Contact City Repair (Organization that paints intersections around Portland)
      • Place ‘Slow Down’ or ‘Drive like Your Children Live Here’ signs
      • Place small reflective pedestrian figures with flags
      • Raising the Issue with SALT (Safety and Livability Team)


  • Comments from group assembled:
    • Had Portland Bureau of Transportation been contacted
    • Williams safety improvement and Rodney Greenway might be changing traffic patterns
      • Traffic patterns are being studies due to changes and this might be a good time to point out this dangerous pattern at the intersection



Proposed community kitchen at the Nativity School (Julia Ford) 7:08


  • Julia is not present moving onto the next item

Survey of KNA records from 2014 and recommended procedures for 2015 (Eileen) 7:10

  • Eileen’s Findings:
    • Hard Copy in NECN Office:


  • No minutes for January and May 2014


  • No agendas for February, April, July, August, and October 2014


  • No finance statements for January or February, and December 2014


  • No copies of letters written and sent for these agenda items:

-letter signed in support of opposing oil trains

-letter of support of rezoning for Wally Tesla

-letter in support of preserving Burger Barn site

-letter to improve safety and livability at Safeway

-letter in support of support of redesign in Eliot neighborhood

-letter to PDC about development at MLK and Alberta

  • No list of attendees


  • The NECN website is not up to date with King Minutes, there are errors with text

– No minutes for January and May 2014

– No agendas for February, April through December 2014

– Text errors in content, needs to be rewritten


  • Online at KNA website

– Missing minutes for January and May 201

– Missing all agendas for 2014 (no longer missing)


  • Discussion:
    • NECN is very understaffed and are unable to correct the errors on the NECN website
    • The KNA website will be the definitive repository of online minutes
    • Efforts will be made to post Draft minutes in a timely fashion
    • List of Attendees will be included on minutes
    • Efforts to post Agendas will be posted on KNA site prior to meeting in a timely fashion will also be made
    • The missing may Minutes have been located and will be posted
    • Suggestion to review and comment on minute by those involved at the end of the meeting. This requires very fast and precise typing
    • Efforts will be made to assure hard copies of minutes, agendas, attendees and letters are available at NECN office
    • Look for minutes here:



Approval of past minutes (all) — Margo 7:29

  • Margo passes out May 2014 minutes for approval and minutes are review by attendees
  • Minutes for June, July, August & September do not a list of attendees


  • Jeff Motions for a slate approval of draft minutes of the above months with that caveat that photo copies of the attendees for each meeting are included with the minutes
  • Leigh Seconds
    • 7 – Yes, 0 – No, 1 – Abstain

Appoint a grievance committee (all) 7:45

  • A grievance has been filed against the KNA Board
  • According to bylaws KNA must:
    • Appoint a grievance committee
    • Hold a public hearing
    • Receive grievance committees report and recommendations
    • Vote on recommendations
    • Must happen within 60 days of receipt of grievance
    • This date is February 5th
    • Can be Appealed to NECN and ONI
  • Eileen, Margo, Van Bonger, Nora Scott and Irene Corbin agreed to be part of the committee and plan the public hearing


  • Jeff to nominate the committee members
  • Irene Seconds
    • 8 – Yes, 0 – No, 0 – Abstain – 0

Green King Update (Diego) 8:01

  • Tree inventory Application inventory deadline is due tomorrow
    • Van Bogner has volunteered to be the lead for the effort
      • 10 volunteers have come forward
      • Groundwork Portland might be involved as well
      • This includes tree identification, take measurements and other assessments health, parking strip width and location of street trees and ROW
      • The training will begin in June two separate trainings for leaders and crew members
      • Four Saturdays and four hours
  • Sabin Neighborhood association is possible a teamwork opportunity with KNA to get more done


  • King School Park
    • Kick off meeting occurred to try and improve the park: Attendees included: Architects Without borders and numerous King PTA members, Claire from NECN, and some Portland Parks folks
    • The park is a magnet for crime.
    • Would like to improve park conditions from tennis courts, trash cans, lighting, undesirable activities. Basically improve the quality of the park
    • The proposal has been sent to Parks Department
    • Possibly a million dollar project
      • Include resurface tennis court, futsal, improve trash cans, depave, trees, new running track
      • The proposal is half the money from parks and the remainder from additional sources, Portland Timbers,
      • Looking for partners:
      • It’s a long process but something to work towards
        • Nativity School, Nativity Church, King Farmer’s Market


  • Matt Streng was been pushing for this and has done a lot, special thanks to him

Spring 2015 clean up planning! We also need to recruit a volunteer to organize this event (scheduled for May) (Margo) 8:11

  • KNA’s only fundraiser of the year!
  • Need Volunteers for Spring Cleanup
  • METRO and The City provide bins and KNA accepts donations
  • Potential for a garage sale
  • Need someone to lead this and organize the effort and do the paperwork
  • Meeting and training coming up in February
  • The date has been set for Saturday May 23rd (?)
  • The scope of the event must be determined, scrap, metal, recycling, Garage Sale, Recruit volunteers, snacks, secure the venue, send out the postcard
  • Diego has offered to design the mailer

Early call for a volunteer to organize our movie in the park this summer (Margo) (8:20)

  • Blaire Ottoboni has offered to lead this
  • A list of movies must be submitted.
  • King has not had it in several years due to miscommunication and rain. This should be expressed to Portland Parks Department during consideration
  • Alberta Abbey is going non-profit
  • NECN is reviewing applications next week for its new executive director hopefully to begin work in March
  • NECN is under staffed and has an interim director, Katy Asher has moved on to SE Uplift
  • Concordia students will be planting around NECN on MLK Day

Announcements: 8:25


  • Coming up: inner NE Portland State Rep. Lew Frederick, House Speaker Kotek, and Senator Shields will co-host aTown Hall to discuss the upcoming legislative session. It’s on Saturday, January 31st, 10 to 11:30 am, in the Moriarty Auditorium at PCC Cascade Campus, corner of North Albina and Killingsworth.


  • January 19th, 1-3 pm, on MLK Day: An afternoon of song, celebration, and community service, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!
    Join us to celebrate the life of Dr. King, and spend time helping the NE Backpack Lunch Program pack weekend lunches for inner NE schoolchildren at risk of hunger.  We’ll have a gospel singer and local folk musicians Day Old Pastries; King-related activities for youth and children; and the opportunity to pack lunches or help with other aspects of coordinating lunch packing and delivery.
    The NE Backpack Lunch Program serves two weekend lunches every week, all school year, to 208 inner Northeast Portland schoolchildren identified by school staff

as possibly being at risk for hunger. It’s a program created and staffed entirely by volunteers, and made possible by the generous gifts of many.


  • Coming up: the Portland Youth Summitwill be held at the MLK Boys & Girls Club (host of our wonderfulMLK-25 anniversary celebration last spring), on Feb 6 & 7. On tap: Oakland’s Salih Muhammad, the event’s keynote speaker, is the Executive Director of the Afrikan Coalition group and is on the front line of all Black student groups in California.


  • This year’s Multnomah County Library Everybody Readsbook selection is ‘The Residue Years,’ By Mitchell Jackson. Jackson’s book is a fictional account of growing up in the 1990s in NE Portland, especially in King Neighborhood. Free copies of the book are available at libraries, while supplies last.


  • The 25th annual Cascade Festival of African Filmslands in February. Free films from Africa all month long, shown at PCC Cascade’s Moriarty Hall, on N. Killingsworth.


  • Arresting Power– a new documentary – provides a historical and political analysis of the role of the police in contemporary society and the history of policing in the United States. It provides a framework for understanding the systems of social control in Portland with its history of exclusion laws, racial profiling, red­lining, gentrification practices and policing along lines of race and class. It serves to uncover Portland’s unique history of police relations and community response.
    Arresting Power­: Resisting Police Violence in Portland, Oregon

premier – January 15th, 7 pm by Jodi Darby, Julie Perini, Erin Yanke
$9 regular / $8 student & senior / $6 child
Northwest Film Center: 1219 SW Park Ave.


  • World Arts Foundation, Inc. is proud to present its 30th annual tribute to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This year’s program will include an array of community speakers from various civic and social community organizations. Participation will include: Portland Public Schools students from the Northwest; the Dream Village Marketplace, where vendors and exhibitors offer local arts, products, services and information. Expect local political and community leaders’ appearances. 7600 NE Glisan St, Portland, Oregon 97213Monday, January 19, 12-6 pm