KNA Meeting, Wednesday Oct 12th

What a great meeting we have planned! We’re so sorry that this agenda is being released so late… Columbus Day preparations had us running around all of last week, and we’re just catching our breath.

This week’s King NA meeting will feature our last visit with Officer Ryan Bren, who has served our neighborhood as District Officer for the last couple of years and has been a pleasure to work and communicate with.

We’ll be hearing from Emily Wilson, who has worked tirelessly to put together a project to improve Two Plum Park, in particular by raising money to install a bench. Two Plum Park is one of four neighborhood parks in King, and we’re happy to help out folks who are looking to take a hand in the care and improvement of them!

Speaking of, neighbor Diego Gioseffi and his neighbors have developed a project to remove invasive species from part of the King School lot, and replace them with native plants in the ground. We have struggled to get permission from the City to go ahead with the project, but progress is being made; also, the folks who run the King Farmers Market have offered to help. Once we have a date set, all are invited to come pull weeds and help us clean up part of the King School grounds! Please join us to get an update on the planning of this project.

We’ll be getting an update on the Portland Playhouse, & its efforts towards getting a Conditional User Permit from the City, in order to resume using their building at 602 NE Prescott. In addition, King NA has had discussions with the Playhouse and nearby neighbors about parking issues ~ we’ll have a short update on this.

The Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods is looking for feedback about Last Thursday. In addition to a survey of residents living near Alberta Street, NECN is reaching out to the nearby neighborhood associations to get feedback, ideas, compliments, and criticisms about how Last Thursday operates. Please join us and share your experience with us.

There will be other short presentations on topics of community interest, as well as a bit of time to bat around ideas, projects, questions, and thoughts. Please join us for Wednesday evening’s meeting – all are welcome at our Neighborhood Association!

Draft Agenda

6:30 Welcome and introductions. Approval of minutes and agenda.

6:40 Officer Ryan Bren, Portland Police Bureau.

6:50 Update from Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods staff.

7:00 Emily Wilson, Bench for Two Plum Park

7:10 David Lomax, Loaves & Fishes update.

7:15 Choya Adkison-Stevens, YWCA of Greater Portland.

7:30 Trace Salmon, KNA communications.

7:45 Diego Gioseffi, update on invasive species clean-up at King School

7:55 Nora Diver, discussion about Last Thursday.

7:55 Nora Diver, update on Portland Playhouse.

8:20 Updates from KNA committees and projects.

8:25 Final thoughts.

2 thoughts on “KNA Meeting, Wednesday Oct 12th

  1. heddalee

    I goofed up the times, obviously – Nora will be talking about one subject, then another, not both at once! It should be a great meeting.


  2. Teri Phillips

    Meetings are on Wednesdays right…? Sadly we do not have any long lasting officers be they district, neighborhood response,or even commanders sticking around for any length of time. I was thinking Officer Bren had been coming to our meetings for only the past year? Thanks Officer Bren for taking the time to show you do care by going the extra mile,and went that extra mile! Please don’t forget about us here in the King neighborhood and good luck in your career along with your family life!

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