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Alberta Street Bar Meeting Thursday

Photo by Cari Hachmann/The Portland Observer

The City’s Liquor Licensing Program is working with the 53 liquor license establishments along Alberta as well as neighbors and neighborhood associations to create a collaborative bar agreement meant to decrease negative impacts from late night activities on the neighborhood. The City has already met twice with the licensed establishments to brainstorm ideas – they are now looking for input from neighbors.

The flyer publicizing the meeting states: “Alberta Street has a unique interface between neighborhood residents and the growing commercial district. Late night activity continues to increase, as well as negative impacts to the neighborhood . . . We would like to continue . . . discussions and formalize an agreement between the licensed businesses, community members, and neighborhood associations in the area.”

Bar Meeting Flyer

What: Alberta Street Bar Meeting
When: Thursday, November 17, 6-8PM
Where: Kennedy School Community Room
6332 NE 35th Ave., Portland 97211

City Holds Alberta Bar Summit to Address Issues

In an attempt to find solutions to conflicts between bar patrons and neighborhood livability on Alberta and city wide, the mayor’s office is holding a series of bar summits between bar owners, police, OLCC, and other city officials to find solutions to persistent problems.

The summit concerning Alberta Street was held on March 16th at St. Andrew. Numerous alcohol-related concerns were the focus of a letter from KNA to the Mayor and City Council regarding Last Thursday.

According to Oregon Liquor Control Commission Regulatory Services Director Linda Ignowski, there are 53 liquor licenses from 9th to 39th and Alberta Street, which includes both 46 on and seven off premise licenses.

Read the press release and leave a comment here.

As we learn more about the outcome of this process, we will keep you updated.