Unapproved Mural to be Fined by City, Petition of Support Circulating

Last April the Union Market at corner of Martin Luther King Jr. and Failing was repeatedly hit by taggers. As an aesthetically pleasing alternative, a mural was painted on a void green wall. The owners are now threatened with high civil penalties and monthly enforcement fees until they paint it over. If you like art in your neighborhood, stop by the Union Market 3837 NE MLK Jr Blvd and sign the petition (over 60 neighbors already did over the last two days.) Keep art in our lives.

9 thoughts on “Unapproved Mural to be Fined by City, Petition of Support Circulating

  1. Irek Wielgosz

    There a $ 292 permit fee and $ 612/month enforcement fee if the issue is not resolved by inspector’s revisit (now set for October 19th). The best option is to spread this to all your friends, let more folks now about this issue. Also go sign the petition in the store and offer words of encouragement to Yeoun. Get media involved (KGW has already called her) maybe press would be interested also. And keep checking for updates here or on KNA’s Facebook page.

  2. Maureen

    The permit fee is just the normal fee that should have been paid in the first place before the mural was painted. Is there a reason the KNA can’t just apply for a permit now and pay the fee?

  3. Jim

    So, they don’t have phones or Internet out of the country? If running a small business, you should be able to be in contact with rest of world. I fully support and love this mural but it appears the owners are out of it.

    1. Irek

      The inspector is aware of the challenges, will talk with her managers and will get back to us as to the time frame.

  4. heddalee

    Jim, I think Irek means that the owners of the building are out of the country, not that the owners of the business are.

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